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Agripreneur Empire Podcast

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I remember listening to podcasts is EXACTLY how our entrepreneurship journey began.

I was chatting with Bryce one day in the kitchen while I was holding our  first son on my hip. He mentioned that while driving to Montana for a hunting trip, he only listened to insightful hunting podcasts rather than music.

That is when I learned, there is literally a podcast for EVERYTHING. 

I was a new mom, navigating the juggling act of caring for a newborn, managing home life, commuting to a part time career in veterinary medicine, started a Scentsy side hustle and dabbled back into riding my horse again.

I decided I wanted to find a podcast that suited my interests while I worked around the house and while driving to work.

I searched "ranching" and "business."


I found a few podcasts that caught my attention and fell in love with learning and the idea of building a business from scratch with something my husband and I both shared a deep passion for. Beef cattle. 

Long story short, we started Flying F Ranch to produce high quality beef to our local San Diegans. We are also experimenting with purebred registered Black Angus. 

This adventure led me onto communicating with other like minded individual duals all about business, rural lifestyle and entrepreneurship. I created the Flying F Ranch Podcast to help others who have a dream and want to hear the success stories within the agricultural community.


Want to tune in? You can listen to the Agripreneur Empire Podcast HERE or on any of your favorite podcast platforms!

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