We Are Now BQA Certified!

beef quality assurance

I finally got around to taking the BQA course!

About a month ago, I attended a live Zoom webinar to become BQA certified. This has been something that has been on my "to-do" list for a few years. 

The course was so informative and relatively quick to get through online. After taking a test to verify my understanding of the program, we were sent our official BQA Certificate of Completion!


What is BQA??

The Beef Quality Assurance program is designed to build consumer confidence within the beef industry.

This is accomplished by teaching producers safe cattle handling, cattle nutrition goals, stress-free transportation and general cattle health practices.

This program is completely voluntary for ranchers to implement in their operations.


Did you know??

More that 85% of the beef supply in the US are coming from BQA certified ranches.

This program is designed to elevate consumer confidence in US beef by utilizing specific standards for animal welfare and beef production.

The goal of BQA is to set up a ranch for success by giving producers safe handling and care techniques of livestock through out the life whole cycle.

The BQA exemplifies what beef ranchers have always done: taking care of their livestock and producing safe, high quality BEEF.

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