About Our Beef

Beef Available for August 2023

Flying F Ranch beef is raised from birth to harvest right here on the ranch. We believe in feeding our beef as sustainably as possible while also providing them with an exceptional life. We grow our own oat hay, feed spent brewer's grain as our cattle are being backgrounded. During the last 3 months, we feed a high quality beef builder grain to create delicious beef for your family. Our cattle have access to open pastures and mountain spring water year round. 

Bulk Beef: Whole and Half Shares

bulk beef

Currently, we are only offering bulk beef. This is the most economical way to feed your family and get more bang for your buck! You are essentially buying a whole or half a cow from your local rancher, and then taking it to a butcher to have cut and wrapped to your preference. We set up the entire harvest and transportation to the butcher shop. You are responsible for paying a live weight fee and slaughter fee to Flying F Ranch. Then, a hanging weight fee to the butcher at time of pick up. See the breakdown below:

  • Beef will weigh approximately between 1,000-1,500 lbs live weight.

  • Live Weight Fee paid direct to Flying F Ranch: $2.50/lb live weight weighed week of slaughter.

  • Slaughter fee: $250 
  • Butcher Fee paid to the butcher: $1.50/lb hanging weight (approx 60% of live weight) this price is subject to change with the butcher shop. 

You will be responsible to pick up your beef at the butcher shop 10-14 days after slaughter date. 

*Beef Deposits ($250 per half share) are non-refundable* 

Expected Freezer Space: 

Half cow = 8 cubic ft

Whole cow = 16 cubic ft

Half and Whole cow freezer space

Place your deposit for the July/August 2023 Harvest by clicking the link below.


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