Our Story

We are the Fender Family of Flying F Ranch.

Flying F Ranch is located in the beautiful mountains of San Diego, California. Many people wouldn't think of cattle grazing in open pastures when San Diego comes to mind. However, we are here and we are proud and thankful to ranch in such a beautiful area of California. 

My husband, Bryce and I met back in 2005 when we were in high school. I was an incoming freshman, and he was to be a Junior. We started dating that fall and ended up going to college together in San Diego and got married in June 2014. We received a unique wedding gift from my dad, ten heifers (young female cattle that haven't had a calf yet). That was the start of "The Flying F" herd.

Ranch Wedding

Those ten heifers made us develop our own operation that has developed into something that is our own. We dreamt of selling our beef direct to consumer locally to the San Diego community. We have succeeded in providing high quality and delicious whole and half custom beef to our locals. It has been a true honor to feed the folks of San Diego and develop a connection from ranch to plate. 

San Diego Beef

Another project we have been working on the past few years is our Registered Black Angus herd. We have had success with a gorgeous weaned calves that we have been marketing for our bulk custom cut beef program.

Some of the calves born will be brought back into our breeding program after careful selection. We send out blood samples to see the genetics so we can select what we feel will benefit the growth of our herd. 

The purpose of our registered Black Angus program is to improve genetics in both our commercial and registered herds to develop a superior beef direct to consumer experience. 

Registered Black Angus Herd

We utilize spent brewers grain from local craft breweries to provide to our cattle as extra nourishment and backgrounding. Our mother cows absolutely love it to keep up with growing and feeding healthy calves. As well, they put less stress on our pastures because of the extra feed intake. Allowing healthy natural grasses to flourish even better. 

In addition, the left over grain is recycled back into our finishing steers as a beneficial feed source full of protein, fiber and energy to develop delicious beef. We love seeing our products work synergistically and full circle. Sustainability is a subject we believe in and are passionate about. 

Feeding Cattle Spent Brewers Grain

In our spare time, we enjoy ranch days with our two sons and Aussies checking our cattle and tending to the land. We also breed AKC/ASCA Australian Shepherds and compete in conformation and 4H events locally.

We are proud to serve our community and love to help make the connection from the ranch directly to your plate. 

 Fender Family

-The Fender Family