We Currently don't have any litters planned until 2024.

Australian Shepherd Puppy for Sale San Diego

If interested in a future litter, please submit a puppy application!

Our puppies are carefully placed in homes that best suits that puppy's temperament, needs and connection.

You may have a preference on coat color and/or gender, however we do not guarantee that is what you get.

All of our puppies have their tails and dewclaws docked at 3 days old.

We allow prospective owners who have placed a non-refundable deposit to come visit our litters when they are 6 weeks old. This is a time where their personalities start to show and we can talk about home placements.

Below, we have a puppy application and this must be filled out prior to placing a deposit.

It is our #1 priority to place puppies according to temperament and the right fit for their forever home.

We do not place our puppies in a home until they are 8 weeks old. Our puppies are handled multiple times a day with a variety of people such as children, adults and elderly.

Their play pen is cleaned multiple times day and depending on weather, they are exposed to a clean yard outdoors with supervision. Puppies are also exposed to livestock and other domestic pest such as cattle, horses, chickens, house cats and rabbits.

We trim nails weekly, inspect their ears, mouths and check on tummies and tails.

Both parents are completely health screened and clear prior to breeding. We do a health panel to test for common traits and diseases that are common in Aussies. As well, the dam and sire will have OFA hips, elbows and annual eyes done and cleared. Both parents are carefully selected and chosen for specific reasons. 

They will receive their first OFA Eye testing with a licensed veterinarian between 6-8 weeks of age, first round of DHPP vaccines and several rounds of dewormer. The entire litter is registered through AKC and ASCA and paperwork will be mailed to you after the puppy is purchased and both breeders from the dam and sire have completed paperwork.

As a breeder, it is absolutely necessary to preserve and better the Australian Shepherd by being sure our dogs are top quality, healthy as can be and have outstanding temperaments. 

An Aussie is a true working stock dog. They are moderate in size and bone with a medium length coat of either slightly wavy or straight. The coat color is bright and rich raging between four variations: red, black, red merle, blue merle. These dogs move swiftly and are well balanced for the purpose to maneuver livestock efficiently. They are very attentive to their owners and have natural guardian instincts. They could be reserved with strangers but should never exhibit shyness. Aussies are wonderful family dogs and love children when raised with them. Aussies are very strong and possess incredible stamina and great agility. Intelligent and loyal, these dogs carry out tasks with great enthusiasm. They are eager to please their owners. These dogs are easily trained, versatile and are exceptional companions. 

Click Below to fill out a puppy application. We select homes that fit our puppies needs and temperament.

Puppy Application