FAQ About BEEF Shares

In this blog post, I am compiling a few questions we get asked when you place your deposit on a beef share. Here is everything you need to know! If you have questions, please comment in the blog post at the bottom or you can email Alli with additional questions at alli@flyingfranch.org :)
beef shares in san diego

~Do you or the butcher shop deliver?

-We ask that you pick up your beef share at the butcher shop. The shop is located in Riverside. However, if you need help with delivery, I will personally deliver for you with a delivery fee of $150-$200 depending on your location. 


~Is there a cut list I can choose from?

-Our butcher shop will give you a call when they are ready to cut your beef. This is about a week to 10 days after the butcher date. They will go over the cut list over the phone and customize your beef to your specifications.

~Can I use another butcher shop?

-You can use another shop if they are able to hold the carcass to custom cut. We have a few other shops we have worked with in the past, but we LOVE the shop we use!! They are worth it. 

~When do we pay for the remainder of my beef share?

-We weigh the steers one week before slaughter and will send you an invoice for your share! All steers are between 1,000lbs-1,500lbs. Payments must be made prior to picking up your share. 

~Do I have to pay the butcher a separate fee?

-Yes. There is a cut and wrap fee that must be paid to the meat shop. Our butchers will go over their fees with you over the phone. If you have any questions, please email or call me and I'm happy to help! 
They only accept cash or checks!

~Did the butcher keep some of my meat?? Why does it seem I am missing some lbs?

-The general rule for purchasing beef in bulk is this: About 60% of the live weight=carcass weight. Carcass/Hanging weight is what the butcher will charge you for cut and wrap fees. You WILL LOSE about 15-20% more weight from your beef from moisture loss during the short dry aging process and from trimming off fat/extra bones if you ask for that. If you have questions about this, please call Alli 760-212-4052 or respond to this email. 

~Freezer Space??

-See the graphic below for an idea of what to expect for preparing your freezer!

freezer space for beef

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