Ranch to Restaurant Tour

On Thursday, October 5th, we hosted a ranch tour on our place to about 20-ish incredibly talented food bloggers & influencers that the California Beef Council invited over.

The whole idea behind this day was to engage with people who LOVE food and want to learn more about where their beef comes from.

Who raises beef? How are the cattle raised? What do they eat? How do they go from ranch to plate?
san diego food blooger
We guided the group on our ranch to show them what we do as ranchers. We saw two cows about ready to calve any day now, went for a walk and found a momma cow who hid her new week old baby in a rock pile, called in our herd to get up close and personal, talked about genetics, animal handling, health care and family legacy.


It was an honor to speak on behalf of the beef and cattle industry especially for Southern California. This area is not known for cattle ranches. We are a very small operation and my family has been in the San Diego region for over 100 years. Being able to connect and share our mission with the people who attended the tour was an incredible experience. 


At the end of the tour, we visited with our new bull, Huckleberry and fed our beef cattle. Huckleberry got lots of attention! He loves the camera!

ranch to restaurant tour san diego

After the ranch tour, we drove down to San Diego and had a beautiful six course beefy dinner at food blogger, Whitney Bond's GORGEOUS home! Whitney is the hostess with the mostest and crushed the dinner and made my tastebuds do backflips with each course.
ranch to restaurant tour whitney bond
THANK YOU to California Beef Council for organizing this amazing event for these wonderfully talented people of the foodie world!

THANK YOU to everyone who came, had conversations with us and for loving my favorite protein, BEEF!

Lastly, THANK YOU Whitney for having all 20-ish of us over for dinner! 

We are excited to share a similar experience with our first Ranch-To-Table Dinner we are calling "Hops & Hooves" Wednesday October 25th! This is going to be a more intimate experience for locals, highlighting our beef paired with Viewpoint Brewing Company's beer. We pick up the spent beer grain from Viewpoint to feed our cattle as a supplemental feed. This is a full circle event!

Grab your tickets HERE

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