Sunflower Field 2022

Sunflowers. They just make you smile. I had sunflowers in my bouquet on our wedding day and the sight of them brings back nostalgia of Bryce and I's relationship.

Sunflower bouquet

He bought be a bouquet for my birthday once when we lived in a trailer park in San Diego and he made us a steak dinner to celebrate. My mom, almost-sister-in-law (at the time) had bought me a bouquet for my college graduation. I routinely bought a bouquet every time I shopped at Trader Joe's. 

Sunflower bouquet

They always stand out, look bold and carried a uniqueness that I will never get tired of. 

A few years ago, we grew a hop yard. Bryce had been experimenting on growing barley, wheat and hops to prepare for craft beer a few years back. We did end up floor malting the grain and harvesting the hops a few years in a row. However, we let it go as we developed new business ventures. This space has water and old irrigating we could utilize and I loved the idea of bringing it back to life in a new way. 

combining grain

A sunflower field. I am imaging a field with several varieties of sunflowers to enjoy. We tore out the old drip lines, re-disked the area and started planting mid-March 2022. We are spacing out our planting every two weeks to have a longer growing season.

Sunflower Field San Diego

We are finishing up planting in the next week or so and can't wait to see the flowers bloom!

We are hoping to have by appointment only, U-Pick sunflowers, bouquet classes, dinner events, yoga in the field and more! Now, help us pray to the flower Gods that they grow!

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