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Pasture raised, grain finished beef. Locally raised on the ranch from birth to harvest. Our beef are finished on a quality locally sourced beef builder grain for the last 90 days. 

**beef deposits are non-refundable** this will be deducted after calculating the live weight of your beef. See the breakdown below. 

  • Beef will weigh approximately between 1,000-1,500 lbs live weight.

  • Live Weight Fee paid direct to Flying F Ranch: $2.50/lb live weight weighed week of slaughter.

  • Slaughter fee: $250 
  • Butcher Fee paid to the butcher: $1.50/lb hanging weight (approx 60% of live weight) this price is subject to change with the butcher shop. 

How it works:

We receive your deposit which locks you in for a share of beef. We will keep you updated through email regarding everything you need to know about your beef. 

A week before the butcher date, we will weigh the steers and send you an invoice for your remaining balance paid to Flying F Ranch. This must be paid in full prior to picking up beef at the butcher shop. 

We will let you know when to expect processing to occur, cut and wrap instructions, details regarding pick up day plus recipes and additional resources!